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Our Participating Insurers

Our Participating Insurers

Key Benefits

Never Miss A Renewal

Receive a simple summary of various insurers, 6 weeks before your car insurance renewal.

and Easy Decision

Best 3 Insurance Price and Coverage presented in a simple summary for easy decision making.

Secure, Simple Payment

Safe and Secure payment link direct with insurer for
a fuss free direct payment.

Our Plans

No Claim Discount Protection

Included free for most car make and model

Comprehensive Workshop

Freedom to go to any workshop of your choice

Available for all car make and models

Named Driver Excess Wavier

Freedom of addition of drivers that would keep excess costs at a minimal.

Available for all car make and models.

Loss of Use Insurance

Covers a replacement vehicle during loss of use when your car is in a workshop.

Available for all car make and models for a marginal fee.

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